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Password email problem

  1. raincoasterismad

    So, I'm using a new (used) netbook running an antiquated Linux. It doesn't have my WordPress password stored in it. I try the last two passwords I had for the account; they don't work. Mind you, nothing works right on this machine: If I try to type @ I have to use the " key, and vice versa. Anyway, I click on the I Forgot My Password button, go to my email, there's the email with the CLICK ON ME link. I click on it.

    It takes me to a page that asks me for my password.

    You can see that this is a problem. The email itself does not contain a password. I can't set a new password until I can get into the account.

    Is it just this ancient, accursed machine, or is it like this for everyone?

    Also, when I went to post this, it made me sign in, even though I was already signed in.

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  3. raincoasterismad

    Yes, Supportbot, I know. Profanity removed by Slik

  4. raincoasterismad

    Never mind. 49 minutes later the email showed up.

  5. @Raincoasterismad Please re-frame from using Profanity in the forums

  6. Why? The supportbot isn't going to be offended.

  7. Because this is a public forum that humans read and staff would like it to remain a friendly atmosphere... But I am pretty sure you knew that since you have been here longer than I have...

  8. Yes, and I know that the supportbot doesn't mind in the least.

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