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    I have several wordpress sponsored sites that include:,,, and
    I try to keep all the passwords associated with all of the sites, but since I am not always able to keep them current I seem to lose track of the logon’s for some of them.
    I had a problem with one of my sites that. I guess, was changed by someone sort of breaking into and using a username related to my hosting account. That has been fixed, but I now have another problem, and it is related to password, and wordpress confusing one site with another.
    I have lost the password for mindcontrolinjustice, but when I try to request another password wordpress sends a reset for mindcontroljustice not mindcontrolinjustice. Because of that the reset does not work



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    Hi there!

    The main problem is that was set up with a different user account than this one.

    If you still have access to the email connected to the other account, you can enter that email address in the password recovery tool. Please check your spam folder for the recovery email if you don’t receive it in your Inbox immediately:

    I hope that clarifies things. Let me know if you still have trouble.


    I know what you are talking about but when I created all of wordpress sponsored sites I used my email address as a username for most of them. I thought that was ok since there were different passwords for each site, but wordpress does not seem to understand that for some reason. It expects different usernames for each site, not just different passwords.
    So, what can I do if I have used the same email address, as username, for at least two if not three of my sites
    thanks for your help!



    We do not allow more than one account per email address, and I can confirm that each account has a different email address.

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