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password hell - please can anyone help?

  1. sorry if this is protracted - there are two password issues and I don't know whether they are linked:

    ISSUE 1:

    My wife Abi has a website built on wordpress here: ...for which she has a username 'nutriadmin' and a password which works; lets call it 'password 1' for argument's sake.

    I administrate a blog here:

    I want Abi to be an Author on the Dyke Road Park blog.

    I invited Abi using the same email address as is used for her own website, to become an Author. She received the automated email. When she accepted the invite, and tries to use her Nutrition For Change credentials, it says that her password is not recognised.

    I have tried this several times and cleared cache and cookies on Chrome and this has not helped.

    ISSUE 2:

    So in order to try and get some assistance on this she tried to access wordpress support here:

    When she did so and tried to log in using her wordpress credentials above, the message was that her password was not recognised. This is a bit strange as it worked for the website not minutes before.

    So Abi took the offer of resetting her password and got the email with a temporary password to use for the suport site - on trying, it didn't work. Also, the new temp password did not work for her own website. However, her original password did.

    I noted when looking at the dashboard of her website that it is built in an older version of wordpress. If we upgrade will it knock out any of the settings and display publicly? Or will everything appear the same on the front end and just have different functionality on the back end? Could the version being used have something to do with the passwords issues?

    So, this is as yet not resolved. Abi can't seem to access the support forums or accept the invite to become an author on another blog.

    any help greatly appreciated


  2. The issue is, she needs to create a WordPress.COM address. Her nutrition blog is WordPress.ORG and totally separate.

  3. Thanks so much for the reply.

  4. Thank you!

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