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    I’m still trying to figure out WordPress and I’m wondering if you can:

    (a) Include some soft of password hint just before the password entry box; or

    (b) Lock part of the blog with a password so that say 1/2 of the post is visible and the rest is hidden by a password.

    Thanks in advance for any help!



    Unfortunately I don’t think that either of these options is possible. Either the post is password protected or not, it’s all or nothing I’m afraid.

    I have to admit, I was wondering how I could do this myself the other day and couldn’t find anything on if it is possible.



    It’s all or nothing – password a whole post / page or not.

    We don’t have any password hints. If the Lost Password link does not work contact Support and we’ll get you a new one.




    I think you’ve misunderstood me. I’m not talking about my account password but the password for protected posts. Maybe I didn’t specify it clearly enough.

    Right now I’ve no way of creating any hints for my password-locked posts and I have to create a separate page for this. Is there such an option on WordPress?

    Just in case I still have yet to explain it clearly enough I would like the post to look something like this:

    Protected: POST TITLE HERE

    This post is protected by a password. Enter your password in the box below to read it.
    Password Hint: My birthday.

    [Password Entry Box] (Submit Button)



    If you would like to make this suggestion then the process to use is to send staff a Feedback on Monday and to include in it the reasons you have for requesting this feature.



    I think that would be popular, but risky: I, myself, wouldn’t use it, but I can see a lot of people would.



    the password hint could double up as an excerpt of the post too – meaning instead of just the password bar, we can include a few words about what the post is about…



    @osasa – I see what you mean.

    I think the system would become very hard to manage.
    How are you going to keep people out who do know what the hint means but you don’t want in?
    How many different hints are you going to need and how will you not reuse hints in a way that someone cannot work out previous hints?
    How many emails will you get from people who should know the hint and you thought would know the hint but they don’t?

    Like raincoaster says, this is risky.

    Sending a password is going to be so much easier.

    And if you regularly have a lot of private stuff, get another blog and make it private.



    I don’t so much as want a password hint because I don’t want people to go in. But my blog caters to a group of fans from a certain fandom, and once people see that certain hint they will know what the password is. So its not as much as wanting people out but filtering the unnecessary people out. More importantly, I am already getting so many emails from people requesting passwords that it’s just much simpler for them to figure it out themselves. Oh and the posts would be much much less searchable on the internet (I clicked the option that turns search engines away, but this is a second level of security).

    I guess everyone has different reuirements and different ways they want to share information on a blog. I’ve looked at other non-English blog sites and found that many include this option to include a password hint, or a short excerpt so that a part of the post is visible before users need to enter a password to read the rest of the post and I thought that if these services could easily provide such a feature, why not WordPress?

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