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    I am able to get to my site now through my old posts but when I tried to put in my password through my email address and log in… it said wrong password was in-putted. My user name is coastalmom and my password has never changed. I am worried that if something happens I won’t be able to access my blog. Please Help! I don’t want to change my password to the complicated random password they sent me. So if you can help, I would be ever so grateful!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi coastalmom,

    Are you trying to log in from the home page at

    There is an issue right now with using a username instead of an email address (see this post for more information). Can you try logging in using your email address and password and let me know if that works?

    Thanks, and sorry about the trouble.



    I will try. Thank you for your time. I am a little concerned about logging out and not getting back on.
    I tried with my email and user name several times and none of them worked. But I will log out and log back in and try.



    I signed in under coastalmom and it seems to be okay now.
    I think I was signing in under a question forum. And I couldn’t get in.
    Since you anwered so quickly, maybe I could ask you my question I was asking???
    I was wondering when a blogger has a profile but mentions their blog by saying something like thank you for checking out my blog ~ and yet, there is NO blog address to click on… how or where is there blog or a place to go to view their blog? I have seen several so far. I GET that some may just be readers but the ones that indicate that they have a blog and no address confuse me…
    Thanks ahead of time for your time!



    Usually that means the blogger hasn’t set up a blog address to be linked to their account when they leave comments. They can set one up via the Personal Settings > Account Details page.



    Ahh, okay thanks. I was wondering why they would comment on their blog if there wasn’t one to click on and wondering if I just was looking in the wrong places… Thanks!

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