Password not mailed when users register! HELP!

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    The password is not emailed to new users when they register – if from certain addresses such as AOL or Comcast. Any help appreciated!

    (If this helps: In my testing, I tried to register several different user names and different email addresses. It always says you are registered and you will receive your password in your email, but it never arrives if I use an AOL or Comcast email address. It works with msn, yahoo, and other private email addresses I’ve tried.



    Use the feedback button on the top right hand corner of any blog page to contact staff with a link back to this thread.



    TT, just for reference, blog admins can’t sign up individual users via their blog. They have to go through the main site. :)

    Actually I believe the poster is hosted elsewhere. He or she needs to be over at as they’re using different software than we are here.

    Two suggestions though – Have your newly created user check in their spam folders. WordPress sends out emails via the PHP mailer and some email systems tag such emails as spam automatically. You may also want to do some reasearch on your host. You may be with a known spammer and, therefore, your emails are being blocked.

    Hope this helps,

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