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    I just created an account on I don’t know my password, and whenever I use the email password function, it says it has sent me the password, but it never arrives.

    Any ideas?



    I reset your password and sent you email.



    I am having the same problem registered to a blog at [Adult Link removed – drmike]

    I never get an e-mail with the password, but it says my username [user name removed – drmike] is registered. Email is [email address removed – drmike].

    The password to WordPress (used for this forumn) does not work at the selenedivine blog.

    I am not sure this is the right place for support with logging into specific blogs, or should I contact blog owner? Though login process should be automated from WordPress.




    Um, do me a favor. Please warn folks next time you’re linking to an adult site. Some of us work in places that would get us fired if that was to come up on our screens. Or kicked out of certain coffee shops.

    selenedivine is not connected with (You may have noted that it doesn’t have in the URL) You need to contact the owner of that website. They just use the wordpress software from (Please note the different URL) Sort of like sending a letter to Exxon when you’re trying to deal with Texaco. They’re both oil companies but are two different oil companies.

    Hope this helps,




    Thanks for the info. I am so sorry about the inappropriate link, I did not realize it would be a hyperlink. Thanks for removing the link (and my e-mail address) from my post so no one elses faces a potentially embarassing situtation.




    Not a problem. :)

    Just for reference to others who come across this thread:

    If you’re trying to recover your password to an account here at, do the following:

    – Wait a few hours. It’s the internet. Just because most things happen fairly quickly online, not everything does. If a connection isn’t made the first time through, the mail servers will try again later on. The standard retry time at least for my boxes is one hour and they will keep trying to make a reconnection for up to 72 hours. The longest I’ve ever seen an email to finally go through is about 5 hours but sometimes things happen.

    – Check your spam inbox. may have been marked as such by your email provider. Things happen and mistakes can be made by folks when settings are selected. Check the spam inbox and, if found drop your email provider a note saying that a mistake did occur so that they can try ang fix the issue.

    Hope this helps,

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