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Password not working

  1. My password protected blog page is not working. People can't log in and they have the correct password.
    Blog url:

  2. This thread is flagged for Staff attention as passwords are private please do not post anything here. Staff will contact you.

  3. Please try changing the password to see if that makes any difference for them.

  4. I did change the password...same thing... Now I can't even get into my dashboard. :/

  5. Rather... I have to use a completely different browser and still have trouble getting into the dashboard.

  6. Oh, not your account password, the password on the protected page.

    Can you access the Dashboard directly via ?

  7. Yes, I did that. I only have one page that is password protected. I changed that password this morning when someone emailed me that they couldn't get in.

    Now, however, It would appear that I can only access my dashboard via the link you gave me above. Grateful for that... but there has to be an easier way, no?

  8. Yes, there is an easier way. From any page, hover over your name in the top-right corner.

    A menu will drop down with your blog in it. Hover over the blog bit, and a menu will pop out to the left with your Dashboard link.

  9. Yes, *sigh* that's not working either. I know all the tricks to get in ;) they're just not working today :(

  10. Would you please explain what you mean exactly by "not working"?

    Do you not see it there? Do you see it, but are unable to click it? If the menu not appearing when you hover? Do you see any error? etc.

  11. No. It's all there but when I click on them nothing happens. No errors either. I use google chrome which usually works great.

  12. Which version of Chrome are you using right now?

  13. Version 22 - I just updated it two seconds ago to see if it would help but it didn't.

  14. Ok. So now my second blog which also has a password protected page won't let me log in either.

    Any ideas?

  15. Ok, I'd like to rule-out a browser-specific issue.

    Would you please check in a different browser, like Firefox?

  16. Downloaded Firefox. Fire Fox is worse.

  17. Ok, I'm not able to reproduce the problem with your account under Chrome or Firefox.

    Are you running any third-party security software, firewalls, ad-blockers, etc?

    If so, would you please try with those temporarily disabled?

  18. I'm not running any of those... this is very weird.

    I can get in and do everything I need to via the link above that you posted that goes to my admin page but when I click on the links directly it won't go anywhere. Like dead links.

    According to my dashboard it looks like people have been logging into the password protected page -so that seems to be okay - I guess it must be something happening over here :-( I wish I were a little more tech savvy.

    I truly do appreciate you looking into it for me. If we can't get it to go I'll just start using the link you posted above.

  19. Do you have access to any computers to check from?

  20. My son has a computer. I could use his.

  21. Ok, please let us know if you see any difference on that.

  22. Ok, the same thing happens with his computer.

  23. Hm, that is very odd. Are you two definitely not running any security, anti-virus, firewalls, or ad-blockers?

  24. The only thing we have is Kaspersky. There's nothing else, that I'm currently aware of, that is installed for those purposes.

  25. Ok, would you please try with Kaspersky temporarily disabled?

  26. I disabled Kaspersky ... same response

  27. Hm, this is rather odd. Are you sure that you aren't running anything else like that, including any ad-blockers?

  28. Not on purpose... Just kaspersky and google chrome. As long as I can get into my website via the link you provided above and everyone can access the download page... I'm good.

    Just thought that it was quite odd that I couldn't get access to my own page otherwise.

  29. Ok, at least that works. I'll keep investigating on this end.

  30. thanks!

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