Password page does not work anymore

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    You can protect a page by a password. Suddenly this is not working for members, just only for me.
    After filling in the password by members, they don’t get the protected page but the homepage with the adress: http://www.mywebsite/wp-login.php/?action=postpass.
    Probably caused by a hacker. Who knows how to solve this?

    The blog I need help with is



    If the member is filling in the password on the front page of the site or a multiple post pageview like categories or archives, entering the password reloads the entire page and takes the member to the top, losing their place. If they scroll down, they will see the post visible.

    If the issue happens when they are on the single post pageview (on the post), check to ensure they are spelling the password right, and upper and lower case letters are correct.

    I’d like to run a test but I cannot find any post to check on your site as the content is all a graphic on the front page and I cannot find any other navigation access point on



    Sorry this was not a post for It concerns a problem for In between it is solved over there.

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