Password plug in for individual clients.

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    Have a general website that is open to the public.
    Am in process of converting this site to WordPress.
    One menu choice is “Client Portal”.
    Anyone accessing Client Portal page is shown a Log In form.
    Individual client inserts his own user name and password, and upon pressing “Enter” is taken to his own menu page which lists files accessible only to him.
    Actually, this would be similar to the log in on where after inserting my user name and password I’m taken to my own dashboard.
    What WordPress plug in does this job??

    Will appreciate any and all assistance.


    Sorry, that cannot be done at wordpress.COM, and I’m not even sure it can be done with a self-hosted install of the wordpress.ORG software without a serious bit of programming.

    Also, plugins cannot be used at wordpress.COM. Plugins are for self-hosted wordpress sites.



    My error, I should have explained that I intend to self-host the site.

    Now if I can only find the plug in that is used to access, life will be good.

    Thank you for your input.



    Please read this entry so you are clear on the differences between free blogs being free hosted by and free software installs from for self hosting. We do not provide support for software here. That support is provided at httP// vs. The Differences >



    Pardon me.



    No problem. You can get the support you need for your install here
    Best wishes :)

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