Password protect an entire category?

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    Hello I am a relative newbie to wordpress and not entirely literate with coding, but so far so good!!

    My question is how could I put a password on an entire category, as opposed to each individual post in that category?

    A related question is how could I change the header and message which shows up on a protected post.

    For instance on my blog entitled “Full Circle”, the heading becomes:

    “Protected: Full Circle.”
    and the message:

    “This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:”

    I just wanted to change the header prefix and also message in the body. Would appreciate guidance on which files I need to change and how?

    Currently using WP 2.0.4 and K2 theme!



    If you host your own site, you should ask here at the forum:

    We don’t host our own sites here at and it runs differently.

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