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    I have seen similiar questions asked, but all the links in the answers didn’t lead to what I’m looking for. And YES I have tried search ;-)

    I don’t want to protect every single post or every page individually (I found out how that works) and I don’t want people to have to get a username to look at the blog (which is the only option I found in the privacy settings).

    I simply want the whole blog protected by one password. And I thought this was possible here…

    Thanks for help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can look here but this is probably not what you want either:


    thanks, but this is what I already found. I was hoping there is a better option without everyone having to get an account…?!



    Don’ know if lets you do this or not: user = password

    See if more than one person can use the same user / password

    And if checks the IP addresses to see if the same user is logging in from many different computers, some at the same time.


    good idea auxclass! I think I’ll try that!
    who could I ask about the IP adresses checked?


    I’m also curious about this. Did it work?

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