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    Please do not send the link to privatize the whole blog. I moved my blog from blogger and want to make each individual post (there’s 400!) password protected. I do NOT want the option where my blog is private and I have to invite readers individually. All I want is the password box to show up for all old posts. Is there any way to do this to all posts at once without having to go into each one individually and protect them?



    There doesn’t appear to be a way to do this, unless you pay for the upgrade, but then of course you’d still have to invite your readers. So, in a word, no. At this time you’d have to password protect each post individually.

    Here are the FAQ links for other people who might be interested in the information.



    You can do it, but you would have to do it manually for all of your posts and until you get around to doing them they would be public. Not ideal, to say the least.



    @rain-Wouldn’t it be possible to first password protect and then take the privacy off? At least that way the Posts wouldn’t be suddenly made “public” when privacy is removed. Still a PITA, but better than unwanted public exposure.

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