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    Em… when I make a post private and have password protected it, it comes up as a 404 file not found.

    Should it come up for people who are not admins but if they have the password they can access it?

    Shouldn’t the title of the post be accessible and prompt the viewer for the password?

    I am just protecting photo’s of my family but want close people to be able to access them.

    I am using the cutline theme, if that helps?




    I remember facing this issue when playing around with password protected pages. But in my case the issues was resolved when I deleted the page and tried creating the same again (with password protect). It worked.
    After looking at ur post, tried re creating it, but was not able to. U might want to just delete the page and create from scratch (for that particular page)
    It might work out. Sorry I know this is not of much help !


    Thanks anyway. I may send in feedback.



    Why do you want to password protect and make it private?


    Just wondering if I could make only certain posts private… eg. pictures of my daughter that I only want family and close friends seeing.




    Yes, just mark them as private. Only way folks will see the post is if they have a link to the page. Just remember of course not to post that link anywhere public or ir will be indexed and show up in searches.


    It doesn’t work thought, if I mark a post as private and then I log out it just brings me to a 404

    I will post a link to my recent post which I have made private…

    And I don’t think there is even an option for putting in a password?




    I’ve been noting your misery and I’m sorry I do not have a solution. I’m presuming this will need a backend fix. However, if you are amenable you could change themes and see if password protection works. If it does then you will know whether or not this is theme related. And that will be helpful to staff when they undertake the fix.


    Yeah… it still does it on the pressrow theme.

    I will send feedback in. Thanks anyway TT :)



    I’m having the same problem with the 404 messages. I’m setting up a wholesale catalog for my sales reps so that account that they create can order directly from us while my reps still get their commissions.

    This is a real pain and deleting and reposting it didn’t work either.



    So are spammers and folks who don’t give examples as to what they’re talking about. :)

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