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    Two days ago you needed a password to log into my blog. Today anyone can go to my page and view my entries without the password. All of my entries still say “protected” before the title. How do I fix this? I have more than 35 viewers so I need to have the blog password protected as opposed to private.

    The blog I need help with is



    I cannot enter your posts are read them.

    Today anyone can go to my page and view my entries without the password. All of my entries still say “protected” before the title.

    Yes they are all password protected. What am am seeing is a normal display of password protected posts.

    I suggest that you log out of and then view the blog as if you are a visitor.



    I’ve tried logging out and then going to my page and I’m still able to access my posts without being logged in. Also a relative mentioned that she’s never prompted for the password when she goes to my entries. It sounds like you can’t access the posts when you’re logged in…but are you able to see them as a guest/visitor?


    WordPress uses cookies to identify people. Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then have another look (without logging in). I think you will find it asking for passwords from you.

    Once someone enters the correct password, they will be able to view that post up until they clear their browser cookies or the cookie expires. This is because wordpress can tell who they are and that they have already once entered the password.



    Its quite normal when the webs stores cache, re-entry of password is not being asked for the said page or web. I found it useful for exclusive personal computers & hand held devices. But the fact is why we are protecting these, so that it can be visible by a or more than one specific people/s. Till now its OK. but now comes the problem, when the other targeted user doesn’t clear the cache(reasons are varied, like- they are not aware of it, in a shared/public PCs they may not have the permission to clear system cache & restarting the system, etc). And it becomes no more protected. :-(

    In my thinking, it will be better if there is a option for the admin, to opt for a view without cache, (similar we found in YouTube uploads). If it is possible I will be the first to utilize this.

    Thanking WP.

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