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Password protected category pages

  1. Is it possible to create category pages with password protection?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think it is, as category pages are not actual pages, but merely your feed with a filter applied. I could be wrong, but if the option exists I've never seen it. If you want posts in a certain category to be protected the only way I can think of is to add a password to every post in that category.

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  3. No there's no such ability.

  4. @timethief
    Thanks for confirming that.

  5. @kokkieh
    You're right.

  6. Thanks.

  7. Well you can create a password protected page, in which you could use this shortcode to show articles of a specific category. Each article would need to be password protected individually though.

    Shortcode would look like this :

    [display-posts category="YOURCAT" posts_per_page="-1" order="ASC"]

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