password protected entries – save password?

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    When a reader enters the password for my password protected entries, the browser saves the password. I’m concerned about my privacy if the reader uses a public computer. Is there any way to change the setting so the password is never saved and has to be entered each time any of the password protected entries are viewed?

    Sorry, I’m a new user.



    It’s cookie based. The viewer has to remove it themselves from their brower’s cookie system or it has to time out. There’s not a whole lot that can be down from our side on teh issue.


    @ drmike
    I’m facing same cookie issue.
    I am using wordpress in my own server and trying to get rid of this problem.
    which file (*.php) has this cookie data?



    Wrong site I’m afraid. Always read a post labeled “Please read me first.” It’s usually there for a reason.

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