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Password Protected post has been "Viewed"

  1. I wrote a password protected post today and my Blog Stats page shows that post had 22 "Views." I'm the only one with the password so I thought nobody else could view this post. What do I not understand?

  2. A user can still click the post title and it will take them to the single post view.

    It will still ask them for the password and will not show the post until they have.

    It's working fine ;)

  3. Agreed. They haven't been able to see the content. They're seeing the "Please type in Password" box and it's still counting as a page view.

  4. Whew! Thanks for answering. I now have some peace of mind :-)

  5. Relaxation confirmed and absolutely in order as our beloved geeks told you - I checked it out and it presented me with a "please type in the password box". Happy blogging compartments! :)

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