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Password-protected posts: Add a note

  1. I found one topic on this but the solution doesn't seem to work:

    I want to add a short note instead of the usual: This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:</e>

    For example, This post is password protected. To get the password please sign up for my newsletter. If you have the password, enter it and you'll have immediate access to it!

    I tried the "optional excerpt" thing suggested in the other forums but it didn't work.

    Is there any way?????

  2. You could set up a generic notice in a text widget in the sidebar of your blog with a link to your newsletter. Do note that passwords are only as secure as the people who have them. In other words, they can be given by your subscribers to other people.

    Just thinking out loud, as a subscriber I would not see the point of signing up for a newsletter if the content given is material that is freely available on other websites.

  3. Hit the "submit" button too soon. "-)

    I would be far more interested in hearing your personal take on the things you find to share.

  4. Actually that wasn't my main purpose. :D It was an example. (If I want to do that I would just send an email to them)

    But I still don't really get it. :p It's only for one specific post that I only want certain people to see, and having that text widget is basically for all...?

  5. Sorry, I didn't understand from your post that this was a "one off" thing. Yes, my example was meant for having each post password protected on a site.

    Maybe I'm not understanding the reason for having a teaser if the post is password protected and you want it seen only by certain people.

  6. Actually not really a teaser. Just a note informing them where to get the password from.

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