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Password protected posts are visible without the password?

  1. I created my blog for 2 reasons. For one to share public posts, and for another to share private stories and photos only with select ppl who I share the password with.

    When I tested this over and over again, the password worked perfect for me. However my Aunt is sending me a screenshot of what she gets. It doesn't asks her for a password and instead shows her the entire post! I don't get it, why can she possible see the post without having entered a password?

  2. It would be easier if we had a link to the post in question. However, if your aunt logged in with the password once, it won't ask her for a password again. The password is saved in a cookie.

  3. When someone who does not have the password first goes to your site, the post will not show, but have a box to enter the password. After they enter the password, wordpress sets a cookie in their browser and the post will be viewable to them. If they return to your blog, the post will be viewable to them as long as they do not clear their browser cookies. If they clear them then they will have to enter the password again.

  4. She said she never got asked for a password at all and was asking me where it asked for a password. Here's my blog:

  5. You can try this yourself by logging out of wordpress, clearing your browser cookie and then go to your blog. Enter the password to see the post, then navigate to another website and come back, or close your browser and then again open it and view your site.

  6. thesacredpath, I understand that, but she specifically said she never typed a password. She read my email stating about the password and emailed to ask where she's supposed to type a password in because she said there were no boxes. She sent me a screenshot and she sees all the protected posts and never typed a password.

  7. I see a password protected post with a title of "protected: it's the great pumpkin.

  8. BTW I tested this a million times when I first set it up b/c I wanted to make sure it worked. I know how it's supposed to work. Could it be a type of browser that she uses? I don't know what she uses.

  9. Have you ever made her a contributor, author, editor or admin on your blog? Have you ever used her computer to access the admin area in your blog?

  10. The browser shouldn't have anything to do with it. Can't really. WordPress won't show the posts unless the password has been entered, or unless there is the cookie in their browser.

  11. Nope. I didn't make her any of those things and she doesn't have a wordpress account even. Haven't been to her house since I created this blog so that can't be it either.

  12. If you have had other password protected posts, have you used the same password on all of them, or perhaps some of them?

  13. I see the password box as well. Is there any way for you to upload the screenshot so that we can see it as well?

  14. The screen shot is really just her showing me the entire post, the ones that are supposed to be protected, she sees it all. Except instead of the photo she's seeing a missing image box. All posts use the same password but she never entered in the password into any of them b/c she said she never saw the box. I sent her a screenshot of the post with the box and she said she never saw a box. That's when she sent me back what she sees - no box - just the actual post content.

    It's weird, I don't know what it could be but I'm more worried that my protected posts aren't gonna be that protected.

  15. Have you ever made her a contributor, author, editor or admin on your blog? Have you ever used her computer to access the admin area in your blog?

    Have her log out of wordpress (if she's a member) clear her browser cookies and cache, close and restart her browser and try again.

  16. I just put a password protected post on my other wordpress blog that's hosted on my website. I made it a different password and didn't tell her what it was. Asked her to let me know what she sees (does she see the Test post or does she see a password box). We'll see what happens!

    She's not a member of wordpress so I know that not it.

  17. Have you ever used her computer and logged into your blog?

  18. I've never been to her house since I've had a blog so no.

  19. The only other thing I can think of is she entered the same password in a post in the past and just doesn't remember.

    Have her clear her browser cache and cookies and then try going to your blog again.

  20. That would make sense except this was the first time I ever even announced the blog to her or anyone. I want to see what happens when she visits my other blog and that one she doesn't even know the pass too so it will be interesting!

    Thanks for trying! It's hard to know what's wrong when I'm over an hour away, can't just go to her house and see.

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