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Password-protected posts - Newbie Query

  1. Merry christmas all!
    Can someone tell me whether it's posible to password- protect individual posts.

    The FAQ seems to indicate yes but everytime I try to do it, it doesn't seem to work. I enter a password under the "post password" tab and then publish.

    What should the setting be for the Post status?

    Am I doing something wrong or overlooking something?

    Earlier I tried setting it in Firefox then checking it in Safari and it worked, But when I logged out off Firefox and tried viewing in Safari again the password prompt didn't come up again.

  2. Post status should be set to 'Private.' Please try that and get back to us.


  3. Hi drmike
    If I wanna keep an individual post password-protected, as I understand it, I should
    1. enter a password under the "post password" tab and
    2. set the "post status" to private and then
    3. save it.

    Now if this is all i do, then the post does not appear - not even the password prompt.

    If I then hit the publish button, it tells me that the post will no longer be private and i can view the entire post on another browser even though there is still a password set for the post.

    The only thing i can think of might be the computer i'm using (not mine) is saving the password. The first time i tested on Firefox and Safari the prompt came up but not subsequently.

    Cheers for your help!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Scratch that.
    I was right.
    The browsers I'm using must be saving the passwords. The password prompts come back when i change the password. After entering the password the post is still visible when I log back in.

    Sorry for the bother...

  5. PS Not sure about what setting the "Post Status" to Private does though. How is this different from setting it as draft since no-one will see it but me?

    When you hit the "publish" button the the post status changes to "published" even with the password is set...

  6. private means only wordpressers who are logged in can view the post. so non-wp or wp who are not logged in cannot see it.

  7. @spurious
    Have you tried setting the password and then clicking "save" instead of "publish"?

  8. a "Password-protected pages" forum thread might have interest those whom this title most interests ;-)

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