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    I sent out the password to my newest post to about two dozen people and of that two dozen, 4 have come back to tell me that the password is not working for them. They’ve cut and pasted the password in the box but it’s telling them that it’s incorrect. Any help out there?



    Not sure why it’s not working for them; if they’re copying the code exactly, then it should work just fine. Has it worked for the others?

    Do you know if the four have an email provider in common like Yahoo or Gmail? Or are using a program like Outlook? Perhaps their provider or email client has different formatting and it’s causing a character to appear differently, so when they’re copying it, the password isn’t correct.

    Do you have another way of giving it to them, like via MSN? That would show whether it’s the password itself that’causing the problem or if it’s happening once it’s been received, which might help.



    It has worked for others. And no, there are several providers among them. I asked them to try typing it in without the cut and paste, and they seem to be getting the same result.



    Maybe they’re not accepting cookies? That would stop them cold.

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