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    I wrote a more sensitive post, and password protected it. Don’t mind if some people see it, just not random readers, you know?
    Anyways, when I went to view my site, it was showing… no box to enter password. It said Protected: and then the title, but no password box.

    I asked my sister to visit to see if it worked for her, and she said the whole post was showing… no need to enter password.

    What going on???

    The blog I need help with is



    You’d entered the password already, most likely. Can you give us a link to the post in question? If that’s too sensitive for you, just set it as a Draft and then it’ll be hidden.


    WordPress places a cookie in your browser, so when you go to your site, it knows it is you. If you give the password to someone and they go to your site and enter it, then wordpress places a cookie on their computer and they will not be asked again for the password until they clear their browser cookies.

    If you are logged into your site, your password protected posts will show. It will also show if you are logged out because wordpress looks for that cookie, and if they find it, then they know it is you and will allow you to see the post.. Also, if you have once entered the password, you will not be asked for it again until you clear your browser cookies.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again.


    Have your sister clear her browser cache and cookies and then try again.



    I cannot see ANY password-protected posts on the blog linked to your name.


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    thank you all so much for your responses! I did clear out my cookies and that seemed to do the trick. Just goes to show what a computer idiot I am, I guess! :)

    I told my sis to clear hers out as well.

    Again, thanks.


    Not an idiot, you simply did not know.



    Ha! Yes, you’re right. Thanks. :)


    You’re welcome.


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    If you, or your sister, or other people who know your password/s, were to access your protected posts at a library or other public wireless access point, be sure to let them know that they should make certain to log out of their account.
    At least at my library, I know I can see who was on the computer (before me and see their searches, links, history, accounts they were logged in to) unless they have logged out or restarted the browser.



    Thanks, 1tess… wouldn’t have thought of that either! I’ll let the few know. :)


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    Right, I would not have thought of it either, but I was talking to one of the librarians and she clued me in.


    ONE of my password protected blogs is making all protected posts and pages FULLY READABLE. Yet ANOTHER one of my blogs has kept the password protected posts and pages protected as they should.

    Can anyone explain that?



    Not without links to the blogs in question and the posts in question. If they’re already public, there’s no harm done.



    minoosha… have you tried clearing the internet cookies off of your computer? I do this frequently now, and after I do, I always go to check to make sure it’s worked.
    Once I cleared them, but it took a few hours to show up. Once I cleared them, and my blog’s protected posts were showing protected, but my sister’s weren’t. The next day hers were showing protected again.
    If you’re with wordpress, you can directly email the help desk and a friendly tech will contact you via email and work out the problem with you.



    minoosha and others: when you type in the password for one post, your browser will remember it in a cookie so you don’t have to type it in again. So when you visit other posts with the same password, you’ll see it right away.

    Other people won’t see it without first typing in the password.

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