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    Yesterday I tried to post a password protected post, but then when I went to view my blog, everything that I had written showed up…..without having to type in a password. That post has since been deleted cause there was a point to having it password protected. Hee Hee! Anyone know whats going on with that? I have created a password post before, so I do know how to create them, I just couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work for me yesterday.
    Thanks :)



    It may have been because you were still logged in as the blogs administrator.

    Try another PW’d post, log out (or use another browser that has no cookie) then view the post.



    thanks, i will try that.



    I suppose that it is fixed! I posted a test post, just to see if it would work, did nothing different than the last time, and it worked. So, who knows……Thanks to the WordPress god out there! Ha Ha!


    Help! I don’t think mine works. I password protected a post, then logged out and
    viewed it again. There was a box for me to put in my password there but once I
    entered it, the post showed. (yes, of course)

    After that, I closed the window, cleared my cookies and opened up to the same page
    again and the post is no longer password protected. Does it work that way?



    if you post in uncategories, the passwod protected post will not affect. try post in other categories.


    Think it’s working now. Thanks

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