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password protecting posts/pages

  1. Hello,
    I have recently tried to set up a password protected post. It works fine except that after I enter the password, that post is permanently visible on that browser. I can even close the browser down, reopen, and its still visible. If I go to a different computer, the post is protected...until of course I enter the password. Ideally, I'd like the post to become hidden as soon as people browse to a different page, but even if I could make it hidden again after the browser is close, I would be happy. If it is viewed on a public access computer either in a library or home, then whoever comes after a person with a password will also be able to view everything unless the original viewer actually restarts the computer every time. This site will be viewed by families in which some members will have access to the password and some won't but they will be viewing the site from a shared computer. Thus, I need to know how to instruct them to clear the password and return posts to their hidden state.

  2. That is the functionality with that password protection I am afraid. The only other thing would be to start a private blog and put the posts you want hidden into it and then reference the posts in your main blog. That requires a user to have privileges and login with their username and password. I am assuming that you don't give the password to very many people anyways.


  3. Wouldn't clearing the cookies reset it? I had thought that it did. Unfortunately, I don't have time to test this today, but you could try and see.

  4. amybeth: if you use firefox (if you don't i'd recommend it then) go to tools -> clear private data (ctrl + shift + del) and clear your cache and cookies (and saved passwords just in case). that should do the trick.

  5. On public computers that works yes, but that also logs you out as well.....


  6. Unfortunately, I need a simple solution. Trying to leave detailed instructions about how to clear the cache and cookies and such won't work with the level of computer expertise of my readers nor would they likely have the memory and patience to actually do that. Right now a separate blog as Trent mentioned seems the best idea...albeit overkill to a degree for the amount of protected posts I might actually make.

    I will leave this up for a couple of days to see if any other ideas come through.

  7. bluemusedreams

    Amybeth, on my tool bars, I go under Tools and scroll down to "clear private data" - works for me in clearing out pretty much anything and it's 1 step , I hope that helps

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