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  1. just curious - why don't our passwords get ***-ed out within the admin panel when protecting individual posts?

  2. Because no-one else should be able to see them anyway?

    You're going to share them with people so that they can view the post so it's more of a deterrent (sp???) than security anyway.

    Just a thought!


  3. Actually its customary for passwords to be shown as '*' for stuff like that. I know when I sign up someplace new, I always see them even though I would rather see what I'm typing. Hate to get my password wrong. :)

  4. Hmm.

    I must admit that I would rather (as it does) show the plain text password.

    Imagine six months down the line someone asks you for the password to the post that you protected:

    "Hmm, now, what the hell did I set it to? If only it was in clear text rather than those annoying asterisks..."


  5. And then when you look in the database and it's MD5 encoded. :)

  6. If you can get to the database - don't forget you're hosted on :)

  7. So you'd have to send the admins a feedback begging them to reset the password on that post...

    Does this answer the original question? ;)

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