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Password protection

  1. I'm just curios, is there anyway to say, password protect your entire blog? I love because of it's simplicity and so because of this I'm not too keen on using xanga's services. Anyone?

  2. You can password protect your pages and your posts and you can put your blog into stealth mode. Dashboard -> options -> scroll down a bit and uncheck "search engines" box. I you're already in the search engines nothing can be done to delete your content but in time it will be gone.

  3. Passwording an entire blog has been discussed before and is listed as a possible paid addon feature in the future. Currently, you would have to have your blog with a hoster elsewhere if you really need this feature.

  4. Is there a way to structure password protected areas for "consumers" and "agents".

  5. Afraid not unless you wanted to create two sepeate blogs. What you're asking for is more what you would get with a CMS instead of a blog.

  6. [removed incorrect statement so not to confuse folks - drmike]

  7. [removed link - drmike]

  8. arkane8, we don't allow user uploaded plugins here for security reasons. Also any plugin uploaded would then be shared among all users, even those who didn't want this feature.

    I see you've only been here an hour. May I politely suggest reviewing the FAQ blog as this site is quite different fromt eh normal version of WordPress that you might be used to using.

  9. ooo im sorry, ive been posting in .com, not .org, i feel like an idiot now

  10. Don't worry about it. Happens quite often around here. Just like not to confuse folks.

  11. I'm a teacher at a high school and want to have students maintain a blog on an issue, however security and provacy is always an issue, especially with parents affected by the Myspace fears. I've read the posts saying there is no password protection available unless hosted elswhere. Does anyone know where I can get information about this? Can I host multiple blogs on my domain? Any other help would be appreciated, I'm new to this.
    Thank you!

  12. Actually this is now changed as you are now allowed to password protect entire blogs. You can find out more information here.

    <rant>Parents with MySpace fears need to pay more attention to their kids, IMO. And maybe teach them better on right and wrong.</rant>

    As to hosting multiple blog, you may want to take a look at WordPress Multiuser as it's the software that runs this site. It will allow you to set up multiple blogs as subdomains. Please remember though that it's server software and requires at least a general knowledge of the concepts that run the internet. (ie DNS, web servers, the ability to read a readme file, etc.)

    Hope this helps,

  13. Thanks Dr. Mike, I completely agree with your rant, but it is a reality I have to deal with. Infact, educating parents and guiding students is one of the primary reasons I want to include blogging in my instruction.
    Any idea when the protections will be expanded to more than five users? I would want students to be able to read each others' posts.
    Thanks very much for your time.

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