Password protection and hosting within a custom asp site

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    Hi there!

    Hollysbaby is simply a trial. I work for an organization with our own custom-made website for VIP wildlife and conservation travel, and we are interested in using wordpress for a blog that connects our unique visitors with our organization and our travel services. Our website already hasa complicated and custom password protection that allows users to have specific access according to their account password information we give them. We want to create a private (or protected?) blog that can only be found by going to our website (thereby blocking it from all search engines – can we also blog from wordpress search?) We want to know if our password information from our existing website can talk to or be authenticated by the wordpress blog, so that our users do not have two separate login usernames and passwords for effectively the same thing. Can we do this with your platform? If this is not possible, what do you recommend?

    Also, can our blog be custom made with our own CSS code through a blog? Or, do we need to go through We looked through this online a little bit, but ultimately couldn’t find a straight answer to whether or not we can design our own blog to look exactly like our website. We want our blog to be as seamless a transition from our website to our blog.

    Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Sarah @ Hollysbaby (our friend Holly is about to have a baby)

    The blog I need help with is



    You can completely block unregistered users and search engines by changing the privacy setting.

    You can use your custom CSS rules with available themes, with an upgrade.



    Thanks, but this information does not answer my questions!!

    Can I sync passwords with custom asp website we already built with a very complex password system? Please read what I originally said for more details. Can one develop a code that would allow one website to authenticate the wordpress site?

    I did not ask whether or not we could use CSS code with available themes, but rather if we could create something completely different (maybe this involves creating our own theme?) that looks exactly like the custom-built website we have. Is this possible? On the site, can we write whatever CSS code and theme we want? Or are we still limited to the options given?

    I look forward to hearing more from you soon!



    Don’t know about the passwords even on a .ORG site – they have a ton of add-on’s (Plug-in’s) you would need to ask over there (

    On WordPress.COM you are limited to the 100 or so Themes that have been approved. Much can be done with CSS to change the look.

    WordPress.ORG has about 1,200 free Themes for you to use as a base (many more on the internet, but some have real bad bad behavior and spam adds built in)

    You can make a Theme look almost like any standard web site, the .ORG folks do have some guides to help.

    Hope this helps a bit.



    How can I talk to someone no the phone? This is a complicated idea and it would all go much faster if I could speak to a person? I’ve been searching for a number and can’t find one! It’s well hidden.



    The only phone number I have seen is a FAX number for legal notices to be sent to.

    You can contact staff directly:

    They are great people but I suspect a bit overworked today as Microsoft started allowing their 30 million blogs to migrate to WordPress.COM as M/S is phasing out their blog.

    Also some of the real knowledgeable helpers normally start showing up around this time and they have been supporting WordPress.COM for several years.

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