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Password protection of posts/pages

  1. Though typing the correct password for password protected posts/pages on my blog, it will still not allow access to them. This occurs in IE. It appears to work find in Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Okey Jangan Lupa ya......

  3. @salemsellers
    Did your try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies and then logging in again when you used IE? Instructions here >
    If that does not work for you then will you please report your issue to Staff?

  4. @muhariyanto
    Adalah penting bahawa anda tidak posting kecuali anda mempunyai jawapan yang betul untuk pertanyaan di thread forum sokongan.

  5. @@salemsellers
    It's also important to know what the URL is for the blog in question. Please post the URL starting with http:// for the blog to which you refer when you post to the forum.

  6. I did try clearing the cache/cookies etc. Didn't seem to help.

  7. Thanks timethief for your response. I have reported it to support. The URL is and the url is

  8. Thanks for letting us know the URL and that you have reported this to Staff. They will assist you with this. Will you please let us know when this has been resolved?

  9. Sure thing. Thanks!

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