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Password protection vs Privacy setting

  1. ewert7diaspora

    Dumb Bunny alert:

    I am creating a family site for which some area should be protected. What route is most trustworthy: password protection or privacy setting? If they are equally trusty, it looks to me like password protection is far more flexible.

    If password protection is used for some sections of the site, will the site still be restricted to 35 members max before I have to start shelling out money to carry those deadbeat relatives? .^_^.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Setting the post to Private offers more protection. Passwords get passed around.

  3. in addition: private will require everyone who you wish to see it to have accounts. (They do not need to have a blog).

    With that said, IMHO, its worth it for the protection. As raincoaster points out passwords have away of getting passed around.

  4. ewert7diaspora

    Ok, I appreciate the feedback.

    So - since the private option will block my list of family names from integrating into search engines around the world and thus preventing any new family members from finding us during web searches, will WP allow me to create a one-post blog that lists the family names, describes the group, and directs them to the private site?

    In other words, is there any rule requiring a certain activity level to be maintained in a blog?

  5. is there any rule requiring a certain activity level to be maintained in a blog?


  6. ewert7diaspora

    You da timethief!

  7. @ewert7diaspora
    I'd like to recommend a tutorial to you that Staff have prepared for those who are learning to us software. It's here >

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