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    I’m pretty sure that I created a account for a website that I manage so that I can use WP-Stats (now Jetpack), however as I haven’t needed to access this account, I seem to have misplaced the email address associated with the account. Is there any way that I can find out the email address associated with an account?

    The account in question is: merrylandsanglican



    Hello there,
    You need to prove ownership of the blog to Staff. That’s done by providing either the email address the username account was registered under or the API key in the original activation email for the username account.


    This is the problem, I don’t know the email that was used. I’m trying to find out whether it was me that created the account or not.



    Yes that is the blog.



    The email address associated with that blog is web[…] (at)


    I had a feeling that was the email address for the account, however I’m not receiving the reset password emails. It seems to be something to do with my server setup, but I’ll be looking into how to solve that.

    Would it be possible to have the email/password changed so that we could gain access? I’m sure policy dictates that it is NOT possible to do that, but what could be a possible solution?



    No, I can’t do that without proof of ownership, but I will send an email to that address. Once you receive it, please reply, and I’ll reset your password.

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