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Password reset needed but my email address tied to it is hacked.

  1. i need help with a password reset for a blog that i own. Problem is the email address tied to that blog is no longer in use as it was hacked.

    is there any ways i can reset the password and have it send to a alternate email address instead?

    Alternate email address: [email redacted]?
    Username: Heavenends (if im not mistaken)

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  3. Hi there,

    You could sign into the old (hacked) email, if you still control it, change your password, then reset your password and update your email address on file to a new email address, confirm that, change your hacked email password again (to be extra careful) and continue to not use that, then log into your updated email account, change THAT password, and then finally, change your password.

    It's a lot of steps, and it's very much predicated on your old email address being accessible, so I understand if it's just not an option for you.

    Let me know, and we can work through some other options!

  4. Hi there, i just need that blog deleted. are you able to take care of it for me?

    I apologize for the inconvience caused though i absoutely have no access to my hacked email.

  5. nevermind, i found the password. thank you! do not delete the blog. thanks!

  6. Great - glad this got resolved!

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