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    My friend’s login information isn’t working. Tried to reset the password and it only turns up a blank page. So now he can’t even log in to write this topic, which is why I’m here. He gets the reset email, but the page to actually change the password isn’t working?

    Website in question:



    meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 5.0.3″

    Hi there, it looks like your friend’s site isn’t hosted here on WordPressdotcom, but is using the WordPress software.

    Are you trying to log in to the site directly or your friend’s account here on WordPressdotcom? If you are trying to log in to the site directly, try contacting your web hosting provider for assistance. If they say this is a WordPress problem, you’ll want to head over to the documentation and support forums for WordPress at

    Just to clarify WordPressdotcom (where we are ) and the WordPress open source software are different entities with separate documentation and support forums:

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