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    I am trying to set up a class website for an upcoming fall quarter class. I love WordPress, and have enjoyed setting up the site, but wanted to include private group pages, where small groups (3-4 students) could enter the page (with a password) and submit files. That way, they wouldn’t be embarrassed to submit their writing assignments publicly, in front of the entire class…just a couple of other group members.

    However, when I tried to set up one page with a password protection (I’ve tried all three options: Private, Published and Draft), it will either:
    1. Enter the page indiscretely, with no prompt for a password,
    2. Show up with an “Error 404” message.




    Hi sonjalind
    I visited the above links and am getting a ‘Page not Found’ for the Group One Link. I assume that you may not have published that page.

    And as with the page being displayed indiscretely, I presume that u entered the password atleast once [correct me if I am wrong !!!]

    What could actually be happening is , once u make a page password protect and visit it for the first time and enter a password, it might not ask for one the next time. The passowrd is stored in the cache or something. Refer to this discussion for more insight on this feature.

    P.S : I faced similar probslems, I deleted all password proctedted pages and recreated then again, it helped. May be not a solution, but u could try it as a last resort.

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