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  1. Hi!
    I have tried to find a link to make my blog invisible for the world, ats i want a password to my blog. Have been searching for this the whole day without results. I need my blog to be private. How can i fix this?
    Please contact me at [email redacted] or even better, fix it on my blog!
    Blog url:

  2. [email redacted]

  3. Hi vartforum, to make your blog private please go to your Dashboard-settings-privacy. From here you can tick the box that says 'make my blog private'.

  4. True. but would like to have like a password on my blog. Have had it before, i dont want to 'invite' people to it..

  5. therattlingdoor

    @vartforum your blog is private, and every blog has it's own password, even if it's not a private blog. You are under no obligation to invite anyone. It's quite difficult to understand what you are asking, because your blog IS private, only you can see what you post on it, and you already have a password otherwise you wouldn't be able to log into your blog.

  6. therattlingdoor

    Are you talking about password protected posts by any chance? That would be irrelevant though on a private blog that you are not inviting anyone to. The 'Private' blog would be enough.

  7. You cannot password-protect a whole blog at

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