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  1. Why can everyone see my posts even I published them as passwordprotected?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your entire blog is set to private, which means only you and people you invited can see it. Password protected posts still show the title, but content is hidden until a visitor enters the password.

  3. No, mine is set up protected, but you can see everything anyway...
    There is just the word protected in front of the headline, but you can read the whole text

  4. Hallo, yes I wanted to have it private with a special password for the peop

  5. At least my sister could on a public computer after she googled feldwelt wordpress....

  6. Your site is definitely private. Here is what I see, whether I click on your URL or whether I search for it on Google:

    If your sister can see it then she must be an approved follower. If you have a private blog approved followers only need to be logged into their wordpress accounts. They don't need to enter a separate password to view the blog.

    You can additionally password protect individual posts and pages or you can mark them as private which means only administrators and editors will be able to see them. You do that in the post or page editor itself and has to be done one post at a time.

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