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Passwords for posts...but not for blogs?

  1. I noticed that I'm allowed to password-protect a post. Can I do the same for an entire blog?

    I did notice that I can limit access to my blog to five other WordPress users...but that's not what I'm talking about. I'd like to have my blog password-protected, which would facilitate e-mailing the password to someone that I want to view my blog.


  2. No, you can only password protect posts.

    You could as you've seen make the blog private and then just add the users who you want to see the blog.

    Achieves the same thing in a different way. It means that the users will have to sign up for an account (not a blog!) and then add them.

    There is a rumour floating around that the 5 user limit may be lifted or raised sometime in the future. We have no details of when though.



  3. Here's the link on the topic.

  4. What I've tried to do is create a WordPress user (I called him "gmvisitor"), and I'll hand out that userid and password to the few people I need to view my site. But I've run into a little problem: if I have a userid that is not linked to a blog, how do I change its password? It doesn't seem like I can get to the proper screen without having a blog.

  5. I posted the previous question here since it's a different question than the one that was originally posed.

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