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Passwords not working on Protected Pages

  1. I have run into two issues with passwords today:

    1) Passwords are not workings (although I have verified accuracy)
    2) In the last couple days when I entered the password it would kick me back to the home page. The only way to view the protected page was to click back on the page, which was now unlocked.

    Anyone have ansy insight or ideas?

  2. Works for me using Netscape 7.2. Try it on my site. Password is password.

    My money is on a cookie problem with your browser. Try adjusting your cookie setting and clearing out your cache.

  3. I have had 4 other people log in and each had the same results. Any other ideas?

  4. Are they using your computer or another? Are they on your ISP?

  5. Different computers, different ISPs. Same browsers.

  6. I'm at a loss. Best bet would be to send in a feedback via your Dashboard and point them to this thread.

  7. password protected post is not affect in uncategory, creates other categories and put protected post there.

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