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    How do I assign a password, like an email address, to a page that would be a secure page for a client to see. Would this dependent on the theme? I have a .net domain.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thanks but I have got things going with this but come to discover that a menu sub-heading with a password will also open other sub-headings with the same PW…I have a Client Portal top Page…no PW…I have a client Wallace with two sub-pages…the Wallace page PW is the same for the two sub-pages and when the Wallace page is opened, the privacy requirement disappears for the two sub pages…Is this PW for Wallace only associated with the IP address of Wallace or anyone who knows the password…and does the Wallace stay open to the public once it is opened? How would I, or Wallace revert the page to private once we open it with the PW…quit the browser?? thanks


    WordPress uses cookies to keep track of who is allowed to view password protected content. If they all have the same password, then once someone enters that password, and until their cookies are cleared, they will be able to view any post or page that uses that password.

    To prevent this, you will need to use unique passwords for each page.



    Does this mean the page remains open to the public once it has been opened with a password?


    No, anyone who has not been given the password will not be able to see the page. Only those that enter the correct password can see them.

    You can test this by logging out of WordPress, clear your browser cache and cookies and then visit on of the password protected pages.

    On thing to remember is that the password should not be something that is easily guessed by someone.

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