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Paste cursive parts

  1. vanallemarktenthuis

    I want to copy text with a lot of cursive parts from Word to WP. When I paste in plain text mode, the cursive is gone too, but when I paste in rich text, it also pastes my Word font type and size. Now I can delete the font tags in every line, but that's a lot of work. Is it possible to just paste the text without anything but the cursive 'command'? Thanks!

  2. Are these helpful?
    We recommend that you:

    * write directly to our editor
    * use either a plain text editor then post to our editor and format the text
    * use a desktop client

    Just don’t use Word - or expect to see and have to fix mistakes.

    Note icon 16 F for pasting from Word

  3. vanallemarktenthuis

    Yes, very helpful, thank you! I read about the not-using-Word too late and since the harm had already been done I was hoping for a quick fix... The icon for pasting from Word is doing a good job though! The only 'extra' thing it does is create an extra line between the sentences, but that's a lot easier to delete than all the other tags.
    Thanks again!

  4. I'm glad this resolved the issue for you. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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