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    When I hit the “paste from Word” icon, the small screen pops up but the cursor doesn’t appear and there’s no way to click into the box. So I can’t actually paste text from Word in to that box. Any ideas why? Right now I’ve just been pasting directly into the main screen, but am curious if other people have noticed this as well. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    What browser and version are you using?





    That version is a little old although I’m not sure if that is the problem or not. My suggestion would be to check for updates, and if possible with whatever operating system you are using, upgrade to the latest, which is 3.0.10.

    Before that though you might try logging out of wordpress, clearing the browser cache and cookies, restarting the browser and then try again.

    If that doesn’t work, I would suggest NOT pasting directly from Word. Paste first into a plain text editor such as notepad or textedit (mac) and then copy the stuff out of the plain text editor and paste it into the wordpress editor so that it will remove all the offending Word code that can mess things up.



    Not working for me either….


    I’ve just done a test on my Mac in both Safari 3.2.1 and in Firefox 3.0.10 and the paste from word thing works for me. I even tried a couple different of my test blogs, so I’m somewhat at a loss.

    I’m again though getting whiffs that make me think there may have been an upgrade this weekend at the old .COM.

    My suggestion would be to send in a support ticket to staff with all the details (browser, browser version, operating system, etc.) so they can look into things. Too many details are never enough.



    There has been a change in the way the editor reads in content that is pasted from Microsoft Word. The code generated by Word, and other rich text editors, was causing conflicts with the code at This is because the code generated by Word doesn’t take pre-existing website code into consideration. The formatting is now striped when you copy in content from Word in order to prevent these types of conflicts in the code. Formatting should be done on the editor, not inside Microsoft Word. If you want to continue to use Microsoft Word to write content, keep it very simple and then add the formatting in the editor later.

    Another alternative is to use a desktop application such as Windows Live Writer. It will allow you to blog offline and is a much better alternative to using rich text editors, like Word, to compose posts.


    @mtdewvirus, thanks for posting that.

    To everyone out there, WLW that mtdewvirus suggested is very similar to Word and allows you to do virtually all the same things you did with MS Word, but it does it in a clean way that complies with HTML standards. And like with Word, WLW also saves a copy of posts written in it on your computer hard drive.



    WLW also saves a copy of posts written in it on your computer hard drive.

    As long as you’re not signed in to your website through WLW you can
    delete the post on your hard drive without deleting the post from
    your website so you can save memory on your computers hard drive.

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