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    Pasting text into the Visual Editor is broken and will not work. If the edit box is empty you are way out of luck – had to paste the text from an email into box using Text side of editor –

    BUT – if you have text IN the box the paste function seems to be an option –

    with empty edit box, just see what looks like flash something options

    Firefox, current, Windows Vista

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s already known and there are threads on this.



    where?? – looked back a couple of pages and did not see paste in a header

    and the paste option is on the browser thing – but still broken into Visual totally –



    Sorry but I cannot remember which thread it’s in, but I read that the developers are aware of the inability to paste when using Firefox. I As for me, I don’t even try to post during these WordPress version upgrade rollercoaster rides. That way I’m not experiencing anything that peeves me off and tempts me to post scathing feedback on the “improvements”.



    I will skip my rant that would be good for a 7 day suspension –

    I would normally skip posting also – but I admin for some friends that have retired and sailing their boat to somewhere – and I like to Post their stuff without much delay as they have quite a few friends that follow their travels




    Hi there auxclass!

    Glad to report that the pasting issue with the Visual Editor should be resolved now. Can you kindly test it out and give us a confirmation? Thank you!



    Sorry – Visual editor would not allow Paste – I can see the “Paste” option – but clicking on it does not much and no text is inserted – I was able to Paste into the Text side

    Firefox upgraded yesterday sometime to 31.0




    Hey auxclass!

    Are you by any chance referring to the “Paste as Text” button? Clicking on it will not actually paste anything, it just turns your copied text into plain text when you paste it. So say that you’ve copied something out of Word that has some formatting applied to it. With Paste as Text active, the text is pasted sans the formatting. On the other hand, with Paste as Text not active, the text is pasted with all the styling attached.

    For more on this function, please click here:

    Hope that clears things up. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!



    Are you by any chance referring to the “Paste as Text” button?

    Not at all –

    I copied some text from an email (Windows Live Mail) onto clipboard or what ever – then went to WordPress Post editor clicked into the box the text shows up in – then right clicked on my trackball and selected “Paste” – – I get nothing inserted into the edit box when in the visual editor – when I use the Text Editor the text will paste in


    Also having problems with pasting text and Youtube video urls.

    I did find using Ctrl + V (keyboard paste) to work.

    Am using the latest Firefox browser.


    Sorry about last comment. It was supposed to go on another thread.


    I discovered this problem yesterday of not being able to paste text or the code to embed a You Tube video. Managed to solve it by clicking on the ‘paste as text’ button, and then copy and paste as usual – worked perfect first time. If you’ve already tried to paste text normally and it failed, make sure to press the backspace to key to wipe out what you have ‘invisibly’ pasted, because I found if I didn’t do that it wouldn’t work with the ‘paste as text’ button either. Best to press that button as soon as you open a new post, avoids a lot of frustration!

    I hope this helps someone, and I hope WordPress really do resolve the problem soon, because it’s definitely ‘not resolved’ and there’s going to be a lot of confused, frustrated bloggers out there, who won’t think to try the ‘paste as text’ button, and probably a lot less posts posted as a result.


    Thanks, Suzy, however, that doesn’t always work with pasting text with links or other formatting (bold, italics, etc.). That has been an ongoing problem especially if one uses Firefox as their browser.

    I found using Ctrl + V to paste works (at the moment).

    This definitely needs to be resolved quickly.



    Thank you suzyhazelwood for the suggestion. I feel better now that I know that I wasn’t the only one having this problem.



    Noted! All reports are documented and awaiting a fix. In the meantime, can you please provide a bit more detail on your setups such as OS, browser version and method of pasting (right-click or CMD/CTRL-V)? That would help a lot. Thanks!



    Firefox 31.0 (also had the same problem with an earlier version)
    Win Vista
    Right click on trackball


    Firefox 30 and Windows 7

    Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + V

    Couldn’t right-click to paste or use browser’s paste button.


    Ι’m trying to paste a url from youtube with the mousepad and it is impossible. Only with Ctrl+V. My blog is


    I have windows 7 & firefox 31

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