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Paste Text Broken - Visual Editor

  1. Good question. My question is: Did you use the video shortcode? I use it every time and have never once had it fail.

  2. oops! my question is for bumblepuppies

  3. @ druesome,

    All reports are documented and awaiting a fix. In the meantime, can you please provide a bit more detail on your setups such as OS, browser version and method of pasting (right-click or CMD/CTRL-V)?

    OS: Windows XP
    browser: FF 31.0
    method of pasting text:

    1. highlight text
    2. right click to display drop-down menu
    3. select "copy" from the menu
    4. at the area where you into to insert the text, select "paste" from the menu, or
    5. select keys Ctrl + v to paste text
    6. In FF 31.0, #4 now works -- though it hadn't for a while since July 22 mods -- when pasting text from the active WP blog (editor windows, all dashboard areas, other posts), from Google search results, and from other non-WordPress websites (I tried ESPN and Wikipedia). However, it still fails when pasting from YouTube, and from the word processors WordPad and NotePad.

      #5 works in all cases that I've tried with FF 31.0.

      In another thread, I previously noted the same pasting failures with a Google Chrome browser, but haven't retested with Chrome.

  4. Forgot to close the ordered list, again.

  5. correction:
    "at the area where you into to..." should be: "at the area where you intend to"

  6. @ dandelionsalad: That's how it was formatted, but thanks for the suggestion.

    @ Timethief: Thanks, that worked. Since it's so easy to use, I don't even feel like complaining that the old way didn't work. Half of me thinks the old way was easier and the other thinks making people enter a command is less counterintuitive than just pasting in the URL.

  7. @musicdoc1: That helps a lot. Thanks for providing that info! I'll be sure to provide any updates on a fix as they become available. Cheers!

  8. @bumblepuppies
    You're welcome. :)

  9. @ druesome,

    You're welcome. But one correction:

    However, it still fails when pasting from YouTube, and from the word processors WordPad and NotePad.

    Should have limited the report of failure of pasting from YouTube to video embed codes, which was all I had tried. Plain text from YouTube can be pasted as normal.

  10. Should have limited the report of failure of pasting from YouTube to video embed codes, which was all I had tried. Plain text from YouTube can be pasted as normal.

    Noted, thanks!

  11. Until last week, I was able to copy an item from a Word document and paste it into the "new post" page on my blog. Now I can not. When I click past, nothing appears on the page.

    I cleared my cache after reading some tips but that did not help.

  12. Hey Linda, our developers are looking at the problem and working on a fix. Please stay tuned to this thread for any updates. ;) Thanks!

  13. truckerturningwrite

    I can't post even a link to the daily prompt to get the pingback.
    I have a chromebook. It worked fine until about a week or so ago.
    When I click paste nothing appears.
    It seems to have started since the new wordpress way of uploading youtube videos was introduced. Perhaps that had something to do with it.
    Good luck getting it sorted. Thank you.

  14. Thanks druesome. I still haven't been able to copy and paste.

  15. truckerturningwrite

    I have just worked it out. Instead of simply pasting into the post text,
    I now have to click on the "ad media" box, then click on the "ad url"
    Then just paste the link into the space provided.
    There is already the letters "http.." for convenience in the box but it's just a matter of deleting that if your link already has a "http.."
    I am not sure how it would work with other text (word docs etc.) I didn't try that.
    Hope this helps somebody.

  16. Try using Ctrl + V on your keyboard.

    The problems with pasting from Word docs and keeping the links and other formatting intact has not been working since March, I believe, at least using Firefox as the browser.

  17. @ dandelionsalad,

    I could paste from WordPad and NotePad as normal until July 22. Had never used Ctrl + V for anything except pasting screenshots into paint before then, in nearly 6 years of WP blogging.

    @ truckerturningwrite,

    Yes, that's one of several ways of pasting in visual mode, but I don't think it's intended to be necessary. It wasn't necessary to use anything but a simple right click copy and paste before 22 July.

    Druesome indicated a couple of times on page 1 of the thread that they were working on a fix, and just above on this page that he would keep us updated on the same here.

  18. I tried Control V yesterday and it worked to paste in an item from Word. But normally, just hitting paste, does it. But, at least, something works.

  19. Its been impossible for me to post youtube videos for the past few days - the pasting is not working, nothing appears when I try to paste the code.

    I dont know if this is related but I am also missing the vertical scroll bar so its difficult to move up and down my post when I am writing. (I have to use the arrows on my keyboard).

    Both my blogs are affected by these problems.

    I am using Chrome and clearing the cache does not help.

  20. revoltastateofzen

    Hello -

    If you not found out how to post YouTube links by now -

    Switch Editor To Text Mode - Insert link then switch back to Visual then in visual mode copy and then paste what you just pasted in Text Mode and then to avoid duplicate Tubes - Delete the link you pasted using the Text Mode so you are left only with the One YouTube Link the - One you just copy and pasted in Visual Mode and then you should be good to go -

    Or To Simplify This You Could Just Use The First Step - But if that Not working - I Think It May Be Just A Little Wonky.

  21. @musicdoc1: the paste from Word docs stopped working for me at the end of March. See this old thread:

    It now works with the Ctrl + V, but for how long? Who knows?

    I never had to use Ctrl + V to paste before either in the 7 years that I've been blogging here.

  22. Thank you revoltastateofzen. It sounds like a cumbersome workaround compared to how it used to be, but I am going to try it.

  23. revoltastateofzen

    Hello -

    Just Paste YouTube link Into Editor Using Text Mode Don't Worry About All The Rest For Now - Then switch back to Visual to add any text For you posts -

    I was just making a point on this issue for those staff who may take an interest - Happy blogging to ya.

  24. @ revoltastateofzen,

    Pasting the video embed code in text mode is all you have to do. Why would you instruct someone to paste the code in text mode, switch back to visual mode, paste again, and then delete one of them?

    That's like saying fry an egg, then boil an egg, then throw away the boiled egg, and you're left with one egg to eat.

  25. @ dandelionsalad,

    I believe you. Not sure why you (and evidently others) experienced failure of pasting into visual mode at an earlier date, but I should confess that I don't really know what the phrase "paste from Word" entails.

    In my case I've only used the word processors WordPad and Notepad for non-formatted text. I think even bold and italic has always been stripped when pasted into WP posts. Hadn't really been an issue for me though, because I typically use such tools for at most a paragraph or two, or a short list, adding any formatting after pasting. Non-formatted text pasted from WordPad (and Notepad) as well as YouTube codes began failing on or around 22 July. I would have noticed had it been earlier.

    How do you create tables in Word? Like to learn how to do that.

  26. @musicdoc1, in my case I have writers submitting their articles to me for publication on Dandelion Salad and some use Microsoft Word docs complete with formatting, like bold, italics, and have hyperlinks. When pasting after the "new" Paste as Text button on the editor was installed in March, I could not keep the formatting. It stripped everything from the article.

    Supposedly the Chrome browser worked OK, but I use Firefox and it did not work.

    I also use Notepad when I want to add non-formatted material, but we were talking about formatted text.

    With the new changes to the editor, while the paste doesn't work for Word docs and video urls except with Ctrl + V, it does keep the formatting (good thing) for the Word docs.

    Tables can be made rather easily in Word. I used to make them a long time ago.

  27. Yes, I've had success with Ctrl + V in every case. Though I'd rather not have to use it, it's a better choice than switching back and forth between modes. Glad that it's working with formatted text as well. :)

  28. Hello! As we work on rectifying the pasting problem, please paste using the Ctrl+V / CMD+V method for now. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience this may cause. Thank you!

  29. I can no longer copy and paste into my blog?

    Not links, just simply a Microsoft Word text or even an Apple Pages text. Nothing works?

  30. @htssupt: Pressing CTRL+V (Windows) or CMD+V (Mac) should work for now. Can you please try out that method? Thanks!

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