Pasted blog link is showing 'protected blog' – help!

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    Hi there, I want to paste a link to my blog, on a Facebook page for people to click on, but the link that is shown on Facebook says ‘protected blog, you need to log in’. I’m not sure why – my privacy settings show that my site can be indexed by search engines.
    Help please!!!
    Thanks :-) Faye

    The blog I need help with is


    You’re not alone – I also have a site which was marked ‘private’ at creation stage, then I changed the settings later- and now, if the blog’s url is entered into a browser, it’s ‘open’ – but if posted on a FB page, the ‘protected’ notice comes up. I’ve no idea why, either. I suspect there must be some delay between our changing the settings and for it to become fully ‘live’ but if anyone else knows what’s going on, do let us know. Very annoying … my half-blocked blog is


    aha ! Hi Faye, think I’ve sorted it – you need to ‘debug’ the url of your blog at Facebook. Go to this link

    and enter the url in the box, click debug.

    Next time you attempt ‘sharing’ it should work …



    You’re a genius anotherfinedday :-)

    Thanks so much, beautiful music on your blog newanderthal by the way!!



    [blushes] – glad it worked for you, and thanks for the appreciation. You can find a more music here, the mad mbira features a lot on this

    main site here

    ‘Newanderthal’ project still slowly coming together (now with Ethiopian singer and sometimes another 5 instrumentalists) but it’s one of those ‘when we have time’ things !

    all the best



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