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    so i’ve been trying to copy and paste CSS code for specific stylesheets that I found online. The copying and pasting works. But when I view or preview the blog it looks like a total disaster. I bought the 4 cents a day CSS package thinking that was the problem. But it was not the problem. Anyone have any idea how to make this work? Any advice would help. I’m very new to this. THANKS!



    May we have a link to your blog please? Without it we can’t see and can’t give you the help you need. Is this it?

    You have said you got style sheets online. Specifically where did you get them from? What are you putting in the css box? And which of the themes here -> Presentation – > Themes are you customizing in Sandbox?



    Can you be a bit more specific? Like telling us your blog URL so we can see what it looks like and letting us know what exactly you’re copying and pasting into the custom CSS box?



    LOL simultaneous typing … it’s all yours … :D



    I’m pretty sure the CSS you’re pasting is not working because you’re applying styles to the wrong elements. In other words, the CSS you’re pasting may have selectors like (this is an example): #page, #gbheader which doen’t exist in the theme you’re applying the CSS to.

    Like Wank and TT said, providing a link to your blog would be of great help.



    LOL, first of all, do you know anything about CSS??? do you know about elements and selectors?? if you don’t, search online for CSS tutorials and get a basic understanding of CSS. The “copying and pasting from online” sounds to be the problem, you can’t just slap on any CSS you find online and expect it to render without it being the right selectors and elements.




    OOPs! steve2400 forgot to give you any help with css resources – no links – nothing.

    css resources links W
    here can i find css customization help

    What is custom css

    Getting started with custom css

    Learning css

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