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Pasting code from Blogger to WordPress

  1. I've been trying to paste code generated in Blogger into my HTML window on WordPress, but I'm getting a big mess. Multiple fonts, returns deleted or extra ones added, parts of the background missing, etc. Someone told me it's because Blogger uses HTML while WordPress uses PHP, but when I tried to use a converter it made an even bigger mess. One thing I've noticed is that WordPress code looks very simple while Blogger code looks like a big snarly mess. Anyone have the scoop on this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What goes into the editor is always HTML and the fact that wordpress and wordpress themes are written in PHP is not the issue. Blogger doesn't always create the cleanest code and describing it as "snarly" is being kind.

    You need to use the "paste as plain text" button on the lower toolbar in the editor so that wordpress will strip out the code. You can then use the wordpress visual editor to reformat as necessary.

  3. Yeah, I do have my issues with Blogger code. The problem is this is a long post introducing 25 authors and contains links and photos, so I don't want to have to rebuild the whole thing. I can just import it from Word and the links will still work, but then I have to add the photos one by one. I was hoping there'd be a simpler way.

    I actually have problems with a lot of Google products (much as I love their search engine). Uploading ebooks to Google books is an absolute nightmare, and Google Reader seems to think they're doing me a favor by adding all the blogs I follow into my feed, even though they're already there. So I now have multiple listings and my folders are completely useless. Every time I delete them, Google adds them back in.

    Thanks for your help. Just for your amusement, here's the email about Blogger I sent to the rest of the group I'm dealing with:

    "Have I mentioned how much I hate Blogger? How Blogger writes crappy code? How if Blogger was a person, I'd stick it in front of a firing squad without offering it a final cigarette or even a blindfold? How if Blogger was a car, I'd take it straight to the wrecking yard and personally load it into the crusher? How if Blogger was a weed I'd spray it with undiluted Round Up, incinerate it with a blowtorch, and then cover it with six inches of 1/4 minus gravel, which I'd compress under the wheels of my pickup?

    Blogger, you better pray I never meet you in a dark alley."

  4. Heh, thanks for sharing the email.

    If you are transferring an entire blog over, why not use the import function here? It will bring over all posts and comments. You would still have some clean up to do on all the blogger debris in the posts, but it would probably take less time in the long run.

    Images are an issue as they will not be brought over, so you might have to leave the blogger site up for a while (delete all the content) so that the images can hotlink from over there until you have a chance to move them all over.

  5. It was just one page, not the whole blog. Anyway, I was able to cut and paste it from Blogger to Word then from Word to WordPress. That preserved the links (each author had at least four of them). I then added the photos by linking to them from the Blogger blog.

    The only issue I have with photos and text in WordPress is getting them to line up properly. The photos were all supposed to be on the left, with the text on the right. But if the text wasn't very long, the next photo would position itself at an angle to the first one. I tried adding returns to space down so they'd line up, but WordPress deleted them. I even went into the code and tried to add them there. I'm still not sure how to do this properly. The way I got around it was to put a long line of periods between each photo and make them the same color as the background. Is there a more elegant way to space the text?

  6. This trick works most times, but can be finicky and actually needs to be put into the stuff right before publishing, and DON'T switch back to the visual editor before doing it as it will get stripped out. It will also get stripped if you open the page and edit it. Add the following at the end of the last paragraph before the next image.

    <br style="clear: both;" />

  7. Thank you! :)

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