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    Patrick Latter
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    The blog I need help with is



    What is your question?


    Patrick Latter’s site was blocked by my bitdefender saying it had malware on his site. I would like to delete his “like” gravatar on my post, is this possible?



    Hi there,
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    I’m sorry about the typing overlap. No we cannot delete a “like”.


    I am not trying to promote my blog – I am concerned about the malware warning I received from Patrick Latter’s site. I have a good defense on my computer (bitdefender) but others may not be so fortunate. This was a warning about malware on Patrick Latter’s site. Thank you.



    This Patrick Latter keeps liking and following my blogs. There doesn’t seem to be a way to block people, or report them for spam (well, not this chap anyway) And I wonder if he actually exists or is aware of what is going on? Does wordpress not have protection against user’s spreading malware? Hopefully someone in wordpress can help get this person off. Please. Mine isn’t the only one having problems with this user.



    You are not alone. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



    This user has recently liked and followed my blog as well. While I’m not otherwise aware of any problems, his blog does not appear to have anything in common with mine. That in itself, is not a requirement for following, but if there is indeed malware involved, I’d also like to know if I need to be concerned and if there is any recourse.



    If you are confident of your malware protection, I suggest you go to his site, report it as spam, and include a link to this thread in your comments.



    Good to see some responses here :)
    Yes. I have malware protection. If he isn’t spam & any of us report him as spam, would he get a chance to defend himself, if we link to this thread?



    He will get a chance to appeal his Spam designation with staff if he emails them.



    He’s not the only one.



    Thank you for that info, raincoaster. He left no comment on my blog, which is a shame, as if he were genuinely interested, it would be polite to do so. His blog contains some brilliant photography and he does sell it, if people want to buy it. But it seems an odd way to become popular, (or to advertize) by just just following as many other w/p blogs as possible.



    I wish he would leave a comment on my blog so I could give him what for. IMO he’s an opportunistic (censored word) who ought to blog off!



    When a first serial like clicker hit my blog I was interested and have a look at her blog. I found dozens of grateful comment from the other ‘liked’ bloggers, so it works.
    The guy liked/followed my blog too, but I never visit their blogs now.



    If he is Liking posts often enough to be on the radar as a spammer, it makes sense to report the person as spam, because it is spam.

    Spam works. But it’s still spam, and still against the Terms of Service.



    Liked mine too, I honestly think this person is fake, some ploy or other, strange that he just happens to look like a model, and all the photos could be standard stock stuff.


    he does seem to like and follow all blogs on here as he has done it with mine too. I did not know about the malware. he is acting spammy.



    I have him on Facebook, and can assure you that he’s real. He also has a girlfriend, who he recently posted up photos of while out hiking on their 2 year anniversary. I would seriously consider emailing him and asking some questions first, along the lines of “what did you like about my blog?”, before bitching.

    He came onto my blog and “liked” it too, and he often – not always – likes posts that I make. He’s also commented a couple of times.

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