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Patriot Organizations

  1. sparkleplenty27

    A google search produces MANY patrioot organizations, each with a slightly different slant. So since we have reached critical mass in this country with major problems and the government ursurping our freedoms, and signing away our sovereignty, I find it curious that these organizations are not alligned with common objectives, rather than re-inventing the wheel on a near-daily basis. Further, some of these groupos are headed by 'nobody's' who seem to regard their role as a stepping stone to some level of political aspiration. Thus, their actions (or lack thereof) are suspect, because they don't seem at all motivated to leap into the fray and actually do work to organize states, to create a national referendum, or some dramatic legal action to stop the government in its tracks. The most flagrant abuser of a go-nowhere group - The 2 or 3 people in self-proclaimed charge seem eager to get in front of a group or member of the media, but far less likely to create actions that require work. Many states (with their state-based organizations) are fired up, eager to do something, and yet often complianing about lack of direction. I know that several people have complained (on postings on the site) and have been immediately bumped off for daring to question the powers that be. I know of someone who organized a state-wide meeting (the first in the nation) and in the course of that effort, was bumped off and thus had to cancel the meeting with no means of communicating with the state's members.

    So I am quite confused about just what these groups are about - why exist if not to organize and activate a groundswell of people? I believe there is absolutely NO time to be wasted. We are under seige of crises, and threats to our existence, culture, freedoms, etc. and it is some national movement that must rise to the top and become leaders. So far they sit back and beg for money to run an advertisement, hold tea parties and rallies (all well and good, but do nothing to stem the tide of national destruction), and express platitudes about what they are doing.

    We don't need to have them report news that we have found elsewhere; we don't need them to do talk shows or create signs to carry. We need an action plan that each state can implement that serves a national goal. PERIOD. We sure as heck don't need more censoring by these groups when we are being followed by government.

    My guess is that some of the leadership at these groups, especially Resistnet, are too inexperienced, too insecure, too immature to step up and get the job done.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In THIS country? Really? I hardly think Canadians are this radical.

  3. What u need is a dolf, most people in Britain are just getting on with our lives.

  4. I'm not a New England or a Tom Brady fan, so I shy away from anything in volving the Patriots.

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  8. @Gentledove - would a "Dolph" count (as in Rocky IV and acclaimed B-Movie actor Dolph Lundgren)?

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