Pattern Graphics, Ocean Mist and changing the blue

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    Hello again! :)

    Apparently, to change the blue theme of Ocean Mist, I need to do something to the ‘pattern graphic’?

    Is it possible to change all the blue by changing this image to something different? And is it just a case of creating an image which is a block of different colour and using that?

    Sorry, i’m not a techie so plain english would be a help.

    Or am i just better off just using a different theme?



    I think the problem is that the blue is a graded colour, so that requires an underlying image. If you’re happy with a solid block of colour, you can change to that without creating your own image. But if you want the light-to-dark effect in another colour, you’ll have to do that yourself.


    Solid block is fine!!! how would I do that?

    ps. I very much appreciate all of your help!



    Try something like:

    body {

    I’ve been trying this for you on my test blog and I think you’re going to have problems if you want to get rid of all the blue in the theme. There are images in the sidebar, the headers and the content. I think you might find it a lot easier to start with a more customisable theme. Try Kubrick for Sandbox. The coding is all laid out for you with instructions of how to implement it. It makes it much easier to see what you’re doing than starting with a highly customised theme like Ocean Mist and then trying to tweak it. I started with the Sandbox Kubrick on my blog – have a look and see what I did with it.


    Thanks – i’m trying sandbox but i’ve got so far and i’m stuck! :( there’s a few things i just can’t figure out how to change



    What are you stuck on?


    well if you look at my blog, the main part is a different size to the header, but in the ‘single post’ view it’s ok. It’s all looking jumbled

    And the sidebar is a bit plain but i’m not sure there’s much i can do about that?


    Actually, it’s more that the right side of the blog looks wrong, but i can’t see where to fix that….


    Oops sorted that!

    So now it’s just my sidebar!

    How do i:

    – get rid of my links? I mean the ‘Everything Else’? It’s not in my widgets but the theme seems to just put it there anyway
    – put borders and more space around the text widgets?


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