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    What? Take away my domain if I don’t spend another $99? Start putting ads on my site? I PAID for the domain a year ago. Someone else OWNs IT to charge me again?

    The blog I need help with is



    Domain registration and mapping Upgrades (and most others) are good for one year – then you need to renew them – WordPress.COM starts sending notices about 60 days before the renewal date – then renews the updates at 30 days if you have auto Renew enabled –

    What makes you think someone else owns it?

    Domain Helper shows:

    Primary Blog is Set is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site.

    Is that the correct connection?



    I GUESS I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT A ‘DOMAIN’ IS – thought it was first come first got… If I’m paying for it then I’m renting it, yes? All I want is to keep “”, nothing else. And that I need to pay to keep, yes?

    thanks for your time, Daniel



    if you just need to be the address of your – then all you need is Domain Registration and Domain Mapping – you don’t need the $ 99.– Bundle

    however there may be some ads on your blog to help pay for your “free” blog if you don’t also have the no ads upgrade

    yes you just rent the domain name – and like renting an apartment – failure to pay rent gets you evicted or your domain name reverts to the wild where someone else can buy it



    Blech. Okay, thanks.

    I see yer picture is a sailboat. Did you ever read ‘My Old Man and the Sea?’ Thats my book…
    Thanks, DAniel



    You be welcome & good luck – if you have trouble getting just the domain registration & mapping without the Bundle – come back here and we can get the staff to help reduce your costs a bit

    Read it many years ago –

    I do boating safety and boating tips on my site

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